How does ResCalm work?

By quiet effortless breathing with a longer exhalation you can balance your autonomic nervous system. You will support and sustain a healthy lifestyle. ResCalm is effective after disregulation of the autonomic nervous system for instance peaks in stress, sleeping problems, post traumatic stress, depression, panic disorder, and as well in peakperformance, anxiety, exam anxiety and ADHD.

ResCalm is an HRVbiofeedback instrument for your Samsung phone (Samsung 5.1 and higher, not for Samsung mini)

Combined with a finger sensor (for sale in the webshop) ResCalm is mobile device, a heartrhythm biofeedback tool for an 8 weeks training to balance autonomic nervous system (the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, brake and eccelerator). With ResCalm you can choose 6 different breathing rhythms to find your personal frequency for autonomic balance and resonance.

Neurobiological research, with more than 20 years positive outcomes, shows longer exhalation and personal breathing rhythm are the key of balancing the autonomic nervous system in stress. When heartrhythm and breathing rhythm resonate (in the same wave form) the signal of 'safety' will be sent to the brain (especially to the amygdala) and creates autonomic balance. You feel more quietly, more concentrated, less strained and less tightening and for some people most important: better sleep. 

Instruction video of ResCalm:

You can choose between 6 rhythms:

To find the right personal frequency  click here

Exhalation and inhalation are guided by fascinating wave-forms, first a glowing ball in sinus wave. When you are succesfull you will come into the next level: skiing in the mountains, or in the next level: skeelering over the hills or happy driving in the waves of the mountains in a nice car. It is exciting what the next level will present to you:

at the end you will review the results:


More instructions you can find here